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The Amazonia Vanilla Company is dedicated to connect producers to consumers. We celebrate food; how it is grown, and share your enjoyment with the producers. That’s how we want to do it, connecting people over good food.

We’re more than ‘Fair Trade’. We are shareholders with our producers.

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Vanilla extract has one of the most complex flavors in the world. Pure vanilla extract has over 250 flavor components and ours is no exception. Vanilla extract coming soon!

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We don’t do just “plain” vanilla. Our vanilla is carefully rendered to produce the best flavors imaginable. Our exotic beans were cultivated in the Amazon, on small plots. We don’t source from big commercial greenhouse complexes. We let nature conspire to infuse wild aromas from its tropical flora. We cure slowly, hand grading and steeping our extracts in the slow aged, traditional way.

  • Sumptuous
  • Exotic
  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable

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