Who We Are

Loren Hostetter, founder of the Amazonia Vanilla Company

We are passionate about food and growing it sustainably with small scale producers. We emphasize growing vanilla in a natural setting to promote natural infusions of the aromas of the amazon. We join communities of international experience, with the traditions and cultures of indigenous herbs, spices and medicinal products. We think a lot, but care about a lot more. The Amazon is an irreplaceable treasure. Join us, as we connect with producers and assist them to invest and grow. We include anyone we can to give jobs and enrich us back with diversity. We grow our shareholders among those who care for the plants of the earth, and produce with pride.

Kléver Gustavo Guevara Erazo

Kléver Gustavo Guevara Erazo


comes with rich and diverse experience, as faculty of Theology and Philosophy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and in sustainable local development such as management for sustainable local development at the Private Technical University of Loja.

He has over 30 years of professional experience in organizational training and in strengthening participatory community rural development processes, and responsible for monitoring and evaluation in different sustainable rural development projects. He also has designed and implemented productive projects and natural resource management with peasant communities in many provinces, and administration of the decentralized autonomous governments of Ecuador. He is currently a consultant on wide range of social issues and initiatives.

One often finds Klever drinking coffee. As a coffee processor and exporter, he supports organic coffee production by his trade, and consuming a cup whenever possible in the company of friends.

Francisco Xavier Guevara

Francisco Xavier Guevara is an upcoming culinary expert committed to elevating the culinary heritage of the peoples of Ecuador. He demonstrates Ecuador’s rich cultural values, history, knowledge and inherited knowledge through its cuisine. He also aims to generate socio-economic change through the gastronomic value chain.

He is the coordinator of the Masters program in Gastronomy of Ecuador at the Universidad Tecnica del Norte (Ibarra, Ecuador) and professor of gastronomy. His focus has been on the gastronomic heritage of Ecuador, cuisine of the Ecuadorian highlands, cuisine of the Ecuadorian coast, and cuisine of the Ecuadorian amazon as well as European and North American cuisine. He worked in a gastronomic tourist agency organizing gastronomic tours in Ecuador, after obtaining a Master’s degree at the University of Barcelona, Spain.   He served as chef in restaurants in Quito, Ecuador and Minneapolis, USA, however we all definitely envy his stint as chef on the Galapagos Islands.

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